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Movie: Al Séptimo Día

Pamela Robin's "Al Séptimo Día". The opening scene shows a man and a woman having sex in a motel room. The women is bored and desperate with her life and her fears... she is also looking at a spider walking on the wall near the roof. The opening music sets her revolving, weak and obsessive theme, with the very first notes, conveys the boredom and desperation she is feeling. This theme will follow her during the movie and evolve with her transformation.b

A very special moment in the movie "Al Séptimo Día" (On the Seventh Day). The main character is in the bathroom, facing herself and her fears in a mirror. I chose to set this to a very light music with few instruments, including using the piano as the sole main instrument, with the light touch of the bells. It is a very introspective, personal theme.

Al Séptimo Dia. The main character wakes up during the night and walks across her room in order to do some research online. The music uses the character's theme song in a light and mysterious way. The light bells, a fundamental part of the character's musical theme, also remind us of the sound and ting of soft bells that can make children fall asleep, and therefore reinforces the night-time scene in the room.

Al Septimo Día, by Pamela Robin. In this scene, the main character, Paola, is revealing to her friends that she has cancer. She is worried about dying and at the same time is thanking her friends for their friendship and thanking life for what it has given to her until now. This music is meant to be heard as if it came from the back of the room, from far away. The guitar accompanies Paola's voice, in its weakness, as the piano brings forth the kind of hug that friendship is giving to Paola in this scene.

Al Séptimo Día, by Pamela Robin. A very short scene in which the main character has dinner with a man she is falling in love with. No time to develop a full theme but merely to impart an impression of smoothness, love, peace and memory, providing a tinge of happiness to the character’s theme.

"Al Séptimo Día". Here, rock music is used to express the disappointment, rage and fury of the main character before her ex-husband who didn't dare to have a child with her or stay with her because she was supposed to have cancer. The scene is very brief as she jumps in a friend’s car and they start having a quiet conversation while driving on the road. The music intends to follow this quick evolution of the plot and let the conversation begin and remain the central sound element in this very emotional talk.

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