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Some of these pieces of music are merely loops, or sketches, this is why some of them end so sharply.

My music


Often I hear a melody or bass line in my head and they become the first moments of inspiration that develop into the kind of short pieces that you will find on this page. Sometimes the melody is so simple that I don’t want to write it down or use it, and I think that I’ll forget it, but more often than not days or weeks later I’m still thinking about it. For me, this demonstrates that although simple, the melody or bass line has its own strength of persuasion and should be used. This is what happened with this musical idea. I didn't manage to make it sound exactly like I hear it, because I am limited by the music programs I use, and to their sounds. For instance, I'd rather have James Brown orchestra playing this one, if you see what I mean... ;)

Waco is a very funny and eco-friendly game I participated in as a composer and sound designer. Some garbage comes from various places in the screen, and you have to make it fall in the right bin.


Other pieces of music from this game are on other pages of this site. Here you will find the menu music. I wanted it quiet and kind of primitive because it is before the player dives into the game. The sound design of the game is obviously oriented towards primary sounds such as garbage sounds. Sometimes I think that this menu music sounds so primitive it could nearly sound prehistoric!

This loop was just the fruit of an inspired night in Paris in which I wanted to hear electric guitar and brass sound fortissimo... It all began with the guitar line, and then, the brass, in the Starsky and Hutch genre lol, and then the drums to magnify the whole... Its a kind of sketch to be expanded explored...

I made this music thinking of a TV magazine that had lots of scanning landscape images, nice hotels to show off, and other stuff of this genre. Once again, I love to double the bass line with the piano. It had to be discreet, mysterious, deep and wide. The music highlights the context of the image. The light piano line in the sharp notes gives a third dimension to the image, giving the sensation that you are listening to music that is in another room, that doesn’t have anything to do with what you are watching, and yet, by chance, matches. I thought the beautiful and elegant images would be highlighted by the music.

Another music for TV shows to be used for dramatic and tense moments. In the very, very, very back of my mind was a distant memory of some moments of "In A Silent Way", the 1969 album by Miles Davis.

This music is very funny to me. Actually, I made it unintentionally whilst trying to develop something else (that you can find on the ‘rock’ page, called Funk Rock Slow: Sketch 1) and it was only when I finished it that I realized I was after something else. Ain't that funny? lol


I find it cute. Yes, cute. Its light and superficial, like a teen having a party. I can hear the "party" in the organ repeated octave. The very focus in terms of composition is in the bass line that has several patterns that I alternated. This became the "test" that I wanted to make with the loop I created in this track, which I eventually made as a separate piece.

I listened to "samba/funk" music a few years ago. I discovered then that I had had this desire to mix samba, funk and rock together years before, as in this piece for instance, that was also part of a DVD on digital media students getting together. This music was meant to illustrate a kind of social scene in which these students were having dinner in Paris, danced a bit... The samba was meant to underline the warm dimension.

This piece of music was created to accompany a DVD menu that covered an event with students in digital creation from all over the world. I wanted it to have some kind of samba pattern, with a rocky sound (electric guitar), soul/funk from the 70' (brass), and to have a wide, crowded and warm sound, just like the event itself.

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