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Movie: Beau Brummel

This is my submission to the TCM's Young Film Composer Competition, 2007. I worked on a 60 seconds excerpt of the initial movie, Beau Brummel. When I created this music, I was also preparing a radio program on French composers in the USA, and the difference between the Nouvelle Vague and its absolute lack of synchronization and the Hollywood taste for extreme synchronisation. Thus, I decided to make music with a high level of synchronization. I put markers at each meaningful movement in the image and organized the music around those markers. The idea of the short samba rhythm for instance at 0'51'', comes from the markers I put on the film at this moment, with a percussion sound, that I looped to find a musical notion... and the musical notion came from the very rhythm created by these markers, that is to say from the image itself!

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